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Healthy eating for life for women [electronic resource] / Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
Healthy eating for life for women [electronic resource] / Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
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""Healthy Eating for Life for Women""; ""Contents""; ""List of Recipes""; ""Foreword""; ""Part I: Essentials""; ""1 AGEPROOFING FROM THE INSIDE""; ""Gather Your Defenses""; ""Know Your Enemy""; ""Major Cell Protectors""; ""Healthy Skin and Hair""; ""Healthy Eyes""; ""Iron�Too Much of a Good Thing?""; ""Oils""; ""The Trouble with Alcohol""; ""2 MAKING SENSE OF NUTRITION""; ""New Four Food Groups""; ""Foods That Didn�t Make the Cut""; ""A Diet for Optimal Wellness""; ""Making a Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner""; ""Key Nutrients�Where They Are and How They Work""

""Part II: Making It Work for You""""3 DIET AND THE MENSTRUAL CYCLE""; ""The Hormonal Cycle""; ""Foods That Calm Hormonal Tides""; ""Premenstrual Syndrome�Causes and Cures""; ""4 ENHANCING FERTILITY""; ""Menstrual Cycle Disturbances""; ""A Surprising Danger in Dairy Products""; ""Endometriosis""; ""Polycystic Ovary Syndrome""; ""Fibroids""; ""5 A HEALTHY, DRUG-FREE MENOPAUSE""; ""Natural Changes""; ""Menopausal Women�Near and Far""; ""Modern Medicine�s Answer to Menopause""; ""Soy and the Vegan Advantage""; ""Power from Plant Foods""

""Safer Solutions for Persistent Menopausal Symptoms""""Hormonal Supplements""; ""Natural Progesterone""; ""Putting It All Together""; ""Part III: Lifelong Health""; ""6 THE KEYS TO EASY WEIGHT LOSS""; ""Why Diets Fail""; ""Where Body Fat Really Comes From""; ""Foods That Make You Hungry""; ""“Fake Fats� Fool Your Good Intuition""; ""Understanding Genetic Influences""; ""From This Day Forward""; ""7 CANCER PREVENTION""; ""Understanding Risk Factors""; ""Breast Cancer Today""; ""Uterine and Ovarian Cancers""; ""8 PROTECTING YOUR HEART""; ""A New Approach Emerges""

""But Will It Work for Women?""""What Is Cholesterol, and How Does It Hurt the Heart?""; ""Skip the Chicken Fat""; ""How to Read Your Cholesterol Test""; ""How to Put Science to Work""; ""Foods with Special Effects""; ""If You Need Medicines""; ""Hormone Replacement: The Experiment That Failed""; ""Stroke""; ""9 USING FOODS TO FIGHT ARTHRITIS""; ""Foods Emerge as a Cause�and a Cure""; ""Foods That Trigger Arthritis""; ""More Power for Healthy Joints""; ""Antibiotics against Arthritis?""; ""Diet Changes for Gout""; ""10 KEEPING BONES STRONG""; ""Excess Protein Spells Trouble for Bones""

""Limit Caffeine and Salt""""Another Reason to Quit Smoking""; ""Vegetarian Bone Builders""; ""Get a Little Sunlight""; ""False Hope in Hormone Replacement Therapy""; ""Rebuilding Bones""; ""11 FREE YOURSELF FROM HEADACHES""; ""Knock Out Your Migraines""; ""Tension Headaches""; ""Cluster Headaches""; ""Sinus Headaches""; ""Getting Free from Headaches""; ""12 URINARY TRACT HEALTH""; ""A Diet for Kidney Stone Prevention""; ""Urinary Tract Infections""; ""Interstitial Cystitis""; ""13 PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER""; ""14 COOKING TIPS AND TECHNIQUES""; ""Planning a Menu""; ""A Sample Menu Plan""
Eat your way to better health and well-beingMaking simple changes to your diet can significantly improve your health, from easing your menstrual and menopausal symptoms to strengthening your bones and protecting your heart. This book shows you how. Drawing from the latest medical and dietary research, Healthy Eating for Life for Women presents a complete and sensible plant-based nutrition program that will help you look and feel better, with more energy and vitality than ever before. This book gives you a clear look at how women's bodies work and how common health problems arise, then provides.
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