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Nutrition in sport [electronic resource] / edited by Ron J. Maughan.
Nutrition in sport [electronic resource] / edited by Ron J. Maughan.
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Encyclopedia of sports medicine ; v. 7
v. 7.
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"An IOC Medical Commission publication in collaboration with the International Federation of Sports Medicine."
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Part 1: Nutrition and Exercise -- -- Basic exercise physiology / Howard G. Knuttgen -- Biochemistry of exercise / Michael Gleeson -- Exercise, nutrition and health / Adrianne E. Hardman -- Energy costs of exercise and sport / Henry J. Montoye -- Dietary carbohydrates / Louise M. Burke -- Carbohydrate metabolism in exercise / Eric Hultman and Paul L. Greenhaff -- Optimization of glycogen stores / John L. Ivy -- Carbohydrate replacement during exercise / Mark Hargreaves -- Amino acid metabolism in exercise / Anton J.M. Wagenmakers -- Effects of exercise on protein metabolism / Peter W.R. Lemon -- Amino acids, fatigue and immunodepression in exercise / Eric A. Newsholme and Linda M. Castell -- Nutrition, neurotransmitters and central nervous system fatigue / J. Mark Davis -- Fat metabolism during exercise / John A. Hawley, Asker E. Jeukendrup and Fred Brouns -- Adaptations to a high fat diet / Bente Kiens and Jørn W. Helge -- Temperature regulation and fluid and electrolyte balance / Ronald J. Maughan and Ethan R. Nadel -- Effects of dehydration and rehydration on performance / Michael N. Sawka, William A. Latzka and Scott J. Montain -- Water and electrolyte loss and replacement in exercise / Ronald J. Maughan -- Gastrointestinal function and exercise / Nancy J. Rehrer and David F. Gerrard -- Rehydration and recovery after exercise / Susan M. Shirreffs -- Vitamins : metabolic functions / Mikael Fogelholm -- Vitamins : effects of exercise on requirements / Jidi Chen -- Exercise-induced oxidative stress and antioxidant nutrients / Chandan K. Sen, Sashwati Roy and Lester Packer -- Minerals : calcium / Karin Piehl Aulin -- Minerals : iron / E. Randy Eichner -- Trace minerals / Priscilla M. Clarkson -- Nutritional ergogenic aids / Melvin H. Williams and Brian C. Leutholtz -- Creatine / Paul L. Greenhaff -- Caffeine / Lawrence L. Spriet and Richard A. Howlett -- Bicarbonate and citrate / Lars R. McNaughton -- Alcohol in sport / Louise M. Burke and Ronald J. Maughan.

Part 2: Special Considerations -- -- The female athlete / Kathe A. Gabel -- The young athlete / Viswanath B. Unnithan and Adam D.G. Baxter-Jones -- The vegetarian athlete / Jacqueline R. Berning -- The diabetic athlete / Jørgen Jensen and Brendan Leighton -- -- Part 3: Practical Issues -- -- The overweight athlete / Melinda M. Manore -- The travelling athlete / Ann C. Grandjean and Jaime S. Ruud -- Overtraining : nutritional intervention / Harm Kuipers -- Exercise at climatic extremes / Mark A. Febbraio -- Eating disorders in athletes / Jorunn Sundgot-Borgen -- Sports nutrition products / Robert Murray -- -- Part 4: Sport-Specific Nutrition / Sprinting / Ceri W. Nichols -- Distance running / John A. Hawley, Elske-Jeanne Schabort and Timothy D. Noakes -- Cycling / Asker E. Jeukendrup -- Team sports / Jens Bangsbo -- Gymnastics / Dan Bernadot -- Swimming / Rick L. Sharp -- Weightlifting and power events / Victor A. Rogozkin -- Racquet sports / Mark Hargreaves -- Weight category sports / Jack H. Wilmore -- Skating / Ann C. Snyder and Carl Foster -- Cross-country skiing / Bjorn Ekblom and Ulf Bergh.
As sports have become more competitive over recent years researchers and trainers have been searching for new and innovative ways of improving performance. Ironically, an area as mundane as what an athlete eats can have profound effects on fitness, health and ultimately, performance in competition. Sports have also gained widespread acceptance in the therapeutic management of athletes with disorders associated with nutritional status. In addition, exercise has been one of the tools used for studying the control of metabolism, creating a wealth of scientific information that needs to be placed.
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