Cover image for Development of the gastrointestinal tract [electronic resource] / Ian R. Sanderson and Allen Walker.
Development of the gastrointestinal tract [electronic resource] / Ian R. Sanderson and Allen Walker.
Development of the gastrointestinal tract [electronic resource] / Ian R. Sanderson and Allen Walker.
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1. Embryology of the Gastrointestinal Tract / Drucilla J. Roberts -- 2. Gene Regulation: The Key to Intestinal Development / Daniel A. Wiginton -- 3. Hormones and Growth Factors in Intestinal Development / D. Brent Polk and John A. Barnard -- 4. Role of Cytokeratins in Epithelial Cell Development / Andrea Quaroni and David Calnek -- 5. Development of Endocytosis in the Intestinal Epithelium / Jean M. Wilson and James E. Casanova -- 6. Cell Interactions through the Basement Membrane in Intestinal Development and Differentiation / Michele Kedinger, Jean-Noel Freund and Jean-Francois Launay / [and others] -- 7. Development of Brushborder Enzyme Activity / Peter G. Traber -- 8. Ontogeny of Nutrient Transporters / Ronaldo P. Ferraris, Randal K. Buddington and Elmer S. David -- 9. Development of Innate Immunity in the Small Intestine / Andre J. Ouellette and Charles L. Bevins -- 10. Ontogeny of T Lymphocytes within the Human Intestine / Duncan Howie and Thomas T. MacDonald -- 11. Development of B Lymphocytes within the Mucosal Immune System / Alistair J. Ramsay and Kenneth W. Beagley -- 12. Development of the Enteric Nervous System / Dipa Natarajan and Vassilis Pachnis -- 13. Gastrointestinal Motor Activity in the Fetus and Newborn / W. Michael Bisset, David L. Wingate and Peter J. Milla -- 14. Developmental Changes in Breast Milk Protein Composition during Lactation / Bo Lonnerdal and Yuriko Adkins -- 15. Role of the Intestinal Lumen in the Ontogeny of the Gastrointestinal Tract / Uzma Shah and Ian R. Sanderson -- 16. Development of Digestive Enzyme Secretion / Margit Hamosh and Paul Hamosh -- 17. Ontogeny of the Intestinal Flora / Ingegerd Adlerberth, Lars Ake Hanson and Agnes E. Wold -- 18. Genetic Models of Gastrointestinal Development / Alan N. Mayer and W. Allan Walker -- 19. Ectopic Transplantation Techniques for Evaluating Gastrointestinal Development / Tor C. Savidge.
Annotation The authors describe development of the gastrointestinal system beginning with the embryology of the gastrointestinal tract through development of cells to hormones and enzymes. Each section provides detailed explanation of that stage of development so residents and clinicians can understand the interrelationships of each structure. Special attention is given to the latest cellular information and gene promoters in the regulation of intestinal development. Coverage of defects due to trauma and infections is also included.
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