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Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter : power and human rights, 1975-2020 / E. Stanly Godbold, Jr.
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Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter : power and human rights, 1975-2020 / E. Stanly Godbold, Jr.
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Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter : power and human rights, 1975-2020
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2022]
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 679-836) and index.
Introduction -- Candidate from the South, 1975 -- "It's going to happen" -- Mini-juggernaut -- The Carters take New York -- Jimmy, and Rosalynn, won -- The shadow presidency -- A different presidency -- One hundred days -- Governing Carter style -- Rosalynn steps out -- Religion, race, and politics -- Quests for justice: Panama, Israel, Iran - The revolutionaries -- The perils of political courage -- The tightrope to peace -- Quiet path to Camp David -- Miracle at Camp David -- "A great and beautiful job" -- Carter's coup: China -- Khomeini, Bella, and Rosalynn -- A White House signing -- Dangerous rhetoric and a harmless rabbit -- SALT II, enemies, and allies -- Crisis of confidence -- Kennedys and terrorists -- In the name of God, Iran! -- The Soviet Union makes a move -- Hostages and politics -- Delta Force -- Keeping the faith -- An uphill battle -- A surprise in October -- The agony of defeat -- Welcome home -- A place in the world -- The Carter Center -- Humanitarians adrift -- Navigating troubled waters -- Servant of peace -- Tyrants, books, and Mr. Earl -- The Nobel Prize -- Tuned to the world -- Endangered values and apartheid in Palestine -- "Cootie Man" among the elders -- Journey into eternity.
This book is a dual biography of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, the powerful First Couple who attempted to use their presidency and their long post-presidency to bring peace, human rights, and justice to all peoples of the world. It describes in intimate detail their tumultuous involvement in national and international politics as well as their personal lives. From intensive research in presidential archives, declassified documents, personal papers and interviews, the Carters emerge as among the greatest peacemakers of their century. The book includes new revelations about the Camp David Accords, the normalization of relations with China, the infamous "October Surprise," and other events of their presidency. Famous for their work with Habitat for Humanity, they have devoted most of their time, post-presidency, to the Carter Center, an institution they founded to promote universal good health, democracy, and peace. When Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, he immediately declared that the prize belonged equally to Rosalynn and the Carter Center. Poet, writer, Sunday School teacher, Jimmy Carter has remained active until well into his nineties.
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