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Cover image for Teaching with a multicultural perspective : a practical guide / Leonard Davidman, Patricia T. Davidman.
Teaching with a multicultural perspective : a practical guide / Leonard Davidman, Patricia T. Davidman.
Teaching with a multicultural perspective : a practical guide / Leonard Davidman, Patricia T. Davidman.
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Third edition.
New York : Longman, [2001]
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Idea of Multicultural Education: Past, Present, and Future Possibilities Ethnic and Cultural Self-Disclosure Key Multicultural Concepts Social Construction of Knowledge Meanings of Multicultural Education Our Definition of Cultural Group Implications for the Multicultural Education Conversation Developing a Positive Attitude Toward Multicultural Education Ethnic and Cultural Self-disclosure Revisited Multicultural Education: A Synthesis Conception Multicultural Education Defined Educational Equity Cultural Pluralism Cultural Pluralism in Contemporary America Empowerment Empowerment and Advocacy Multicultural/ Multiethnic/Historical Knowledge Maintaining Freedom and Democracy Teaching with a Multicultural Perspective Creating a Multicultural Setting Examples of Equity and Democracy-Oriented Program Development Mathematics Educator / Child Psychiatrist and School Reform Leader / Elementary School Principal / High School Calculus Teacher / Primary Grade Teacher / Creator of AVID / Middle-School Principal / Curriculum Leader and Organizational Innovator / Multicultural Education: An Evolving Concept Definitions Involving Cultural Pluralism Definitions Involving Equity Definitions Involving Racism Definitions Emphasizing Freedom Multicultural-Education-Plus Definitions Multicultural Education: Controversies and Opportunities Creating Equity Conditions and Democratic Practice in School Settings Educational Equity: A Contemporary Perspective Separate but Equal Revisited Competing Conceptions of Equity: Kenneth Sirotnick Competing Conceptions of Equity: Elliot Eisner Competing Conceptions of Equity: Patrice LeBlanc Kohl, Elaine Witty, and Christine Bennett Competing Conceptions of Equity: Geneva Gay Educational Equity: The School District Perspective First Steps Toward Educational Equity and Democratic Practice Multicultural Planning Questions Before the School Year Begins Examination of Student Records Developing a Collaborative Plan Planning to Use Cooperative Learning Planning a Curriculum of Inclusion Planning a Curriculum of Empowerment Communication Skills, Advocacy, and Empowerment Developing a Network of Support First Four Weeks and Beyond Cross-Cultural Parent-Teacher Communication Interviewing School Leaders Special Communication Strategies Class-building Activities Team-building Activities Selection of Content Teaching with a Multicultural Perspective during Student Teaching Parent-Teacher Communication Interviewing and Observing During Student Teaching Initial Interview with Teacher Initial Interview with Principal Classroom Demographic Profile Typology of Multicultural Teaching Teaching with a Multicultural Perspective in Activities, Lessons, and Lesson Sequences Multicultural Planning Questions Definition of Key Terms Lesson Plan Lesson Sequence Instructional Activity Unit of Instruction Instructional Activities Word of the Week Program Current Events Oral Reading by the Teacher Lesson Plans To Tell the Truth Thanksgiving Interviewing Ancestors Lesson Sequence Smoking Preventiont Discovering New Pilgrims in America Creating a Multicultural Curriculum with Integrated Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science-Based Units of Instruction Types of Units Curriculum Case Studies Units of Instruction Winning of the West: 1775-1850 Ancient Egypt Support and Movement of the Human Body Famous Fairy Tales Thinking Logically: A Study of Common Fallacies Prejudice In Group Relations Creating a Multicultural Curriculum with Content That Links Environmental, Global, Citizenship, and Multicultural Education Definitions of Citizenship Education, Global Education, and Environmental Education Developing Environmental Multicultural Units Tropical Rain Forest as an Environmental Multicultural Unit Lacandon Maya: Brief Questions and Answers Postscript: The Idea of Multicultural Education Revisited A Classroom-focused Conception of Multicultural Education: Virtue and Weakness Typology of Multicultural Teaching Ethnic and Cultural Self-disclosure Inventory Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (Sheltered English) Observation Form Cooperative Learning Group Observation Form Position Papers by Albert Shanker Resources for Equity-oriented Teaching Definitions to Facilitate Ethnic and Cultural Self-exploration and Disclosure USA Hate Crimes Data: 1996 and 1997 Selected Internet Websites Text Evaluation Form for Course Instructors
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