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Race and recruitment / edited by John David Smith.
Kent, Ohio : The Kent State University Press, [2013]
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Rebelliousness and docility in the Negro slave : a critique of the Elkins thesis / Eugene D. Genovese -- The Gerrit Smith circle : abolitionism in the burned-over district / Lawrence J. Friedman -- The Liberty Party in Massachusetts, 1840-1848 : antislavery third party politics in the Bay State / Reinhard O. Johnson -- Only his stepchildren : Lincoln and the Negro / Don E. Fehrenbacher -- Emancipation in the federal city / Michael J. Kurtz -- Circumventing the Dred Scott decision : Edward Bates, Salmon P. Chase, and the citizenship of African Americans / James P. McClure, Leigh Johnsen, Kathleen Norman, and Michael Vanderlan, eds -- Defending emancipation : Abraham Lincoln and the Conkling letter, 1863 / Allen C. Guelzo -- Lincoln and equal rights for Negroes : the irrelevancy of the "Wadsworth letter" / Harold M. Hyman -- Lincoln and equal rights : a reply / Ludwell H. Johnson -- Abraham Lincoln and black colonization : Benjamin Butler's spurious testimony / Mark E. Neely Jr -- Fort Pillow revisited : new evidence about an old controversy / John V. Cimprich and Robert C. Mainfort Jr -- Frederick Douglass and the American apocalypse / David W. Blight -- "The doom of slavery" : Ulysses S. Grant, war aims, and emancipation, 1861-1863 / Brooks D. Simpson -- "I do not suppose that Uncle Sam looks at the skin" : African Americans and the Civil War pension system, 1865-1934 / Donald R. Shaffer -- "Shoulder to shoulder as comrades tried" : black and white Union veterans and Civil War memory / Andre Fleche -- Slavery, emancipation, and veterans of the Union cause : commemorating freedom in the era of reconciliation, 1885-1915 / M. Keith Harris.
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