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Cover image for Xcor, developing the next generation spaceplane / Erik Seedhouse.
Xcor, developing the next generation spaceplane / Erik Seedhouse.
Xcor, developing the next generation spaceplane / Erik Seedhouse.
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Chichester, UK : Springer, published in association with Praxis Publishing, 2016.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
XCOR: a brief history -- Key players -- Industry -- Next-generation spacecraft -- Spaceports -- Missions and payload integration -- Passenger training and certification -- STEM -- How to fly.
Employing the same informational approach Erik Seedhouse used in "SpaceX" and "Bigelow Aerospace", this new book familiarizes space enthusiasts with the company XCOR Aerospace and examines the design of the two-seater Lynx. The new spaceplane's low weight and high octane fuel confer important advantages, such as direct runway launches and the ability to fly several times per day. Over the last 15 years, XCOR has developed and built 13 different rocket engines, built and flown two manned rocket-powered aircraft and has accumulated over 4,000 engine firings and nearly 500 minutes of run time on their engines. This book serves as a go-to reference guide for suborbital scientists and those seeking to learn how one company has found success. Additionally, it describes the medical and training requirements for those flying on board the Lynx and the related critical roles of the astronaut trainers and a new breed of commercial space pilots. The end result is a thorough chronicle of the development of rocket propulsion, avionics, simulator and ground support operations being put into play by XCOR with the Lynx.
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