Identification: Your library card (your EMCC id) must be presented to the librarian to check out materials.  Library cards from Mississippi Library Partnership member libraries are also accepted.


Loan Periods:

Item Type      Loan Period              Fine

Book                2 weeks                        $.25/day

Equipment     1 day                             see librarian*

Media              in house use only        --

Periodicals     in house use only        --

Reference      in house use only        --

Reserves       in house use only        --


*Students must get permission to check out equipment.  Contact a librarian for information.


Fines: Books not returned to the library by closing on the date it is due will be assessed a fine.  Fines accrue at the rate of 25 cents per book per day every day the library is open.  Fines may be paid in the library by cash or in the business office by check or credit card.  Students with overdue books will have a hold placed on their account until the book is returned and the bill paid.  Please note that books checked out from Mississippi Library Partnership member libraries are subject to that library’s circulation policies including loan periods and fines.


Lost/Damaged Books: Students with lost or damaged beyond repair books will be charged any applicable late fines, the cost of the book, and a processing fee of $4.  Students with books that have minor damage beyond normal wear and tear may be charged a fee for repairs.  This will be determined by the Head Librarian.


Security: All library materials are protected by the library’s security system in the form of a security gate as well as security cameras throughout the library.  Attempting to leave the library with materials that have not been checked out will result in an alarm sounding.  Patrons who set off the alarm are subject to their bags being searched.



Mississippi Library Partnership: The library is a member of the Mississippi Library Partnership (MLP).  This partnership gives EMCC patrons access to the circulating collections of over 50 libraries in the state of Mississippi, including Mississippi State University and Mississippi University for Women.  To check out a book from another library use your student id at one of these libraries, find your book in the catalog and select “Place a Hold,” or let a librarian place the hold for you.  The book will be sent to our library, and you will be emailed when it is ready to pick up.  To see list of all member libraries, visit

Computer Lab: The library provides both computers and wireless internet for student and employee use.  Please sign in and out when using the computers.  Patrons are free to use the computers for both academic and personal use.  However, students not doing homework may be asked to sign off a computer if someone needs it to do homework.

Copier: Students may use the copier at the cost of 10 cents per page printed.  Faculty and staff may use the copier free of charge.  The copier will print both letter and legal size in black and white.

Printing: Students are allowed to print 20 pages per day free of charge.  Once this limit is reached the student cannot print anymore until the next day.  The library staff cannot increase the number of pages a student can print.

Reserves: Materials may be placed on reserve by EMCC instructors will be kept behind the circulation desk and may be accessed by their students who present their student ids to a librarian.  The librarian will hold the student’s id until the material is returned.  Reserved materials may be library materials or the instructor's personal materials. All reserves must stay in the library.  Students may take notes or make photocopies.  The instructor and students are responsible for understanding and following all copyright laws.