To use the Archive or a Special Collection, please visit the Scooba Campus library during regular open hours. For more information on what we collect or to schedule a visit with reference help, call the Scooba Campus Library at 662-476-5054.

Please make special note of these policies for the Archive and Special Collections:

  • These materials do not circulate. Please plan to use them inside the library.
  • Pens are not allowed while using the materials.
  • Food and drink are not allowed while using the materials.
  • Use of certain materials may be restricted based on the physical condition of the item. This will be left to the discretion of the library staff.

These books and more are available in the EMCC Special Collections. They are available for use inside the library during regular open hours. Please see a librarian to have them pulled for you.

shaved heads

See more great images from EMCC's past in our Digital Collection.

Do you have a piece of EMCC, Scooba, or East Mississippi history worth sharing? We accept permanent donations and 30-day loans for scanning or photocopying items. For more information contact the Scooba Campus Library at 662-476-5054.