Cover image for Hurst's the heart / editors, Valentin Fuster ... [et al.] ; associate editors, Spencer B. King III ... [et al.].
Hurst's the heart / editors, Valentin Fuster ... [et al.] ; associate editors, Spencer B. King III ... [et al.].
Hurst's the heart / editors, Valentin Fuster ... [et al.] ; associate editors, Spencer B. King III ... [et al.].
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12th ed.
New York : McGraw-Hill Medical,
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contributors -- Acknowledgments -- Preface -- Part 1: Cardiovascular Disease: Past, Present, And Future -- 1: History of the heart / Mark E Silverman and Charles F Wooley -- 2: Burden of increasing worldwide cardiovascular disease / Ramachandran S Vasan, Emelia J Benjamin, Lisa M Sullivan, and Ralph B D'Agostino -- Part 2: Foundations Of Cardiovascular Medicine -- 3: Functional anatomy of the heart / Joseph F Malouf, William D Edwards, A Jamil Tajik, and James B Seward -- 4: Normal physiology of the cardiovascular system / Brian D Hoit and Richard A Walsh -- 5: Principles of molecular cardiology / Robert Roberts -- 6: Molecular and cellular biology of the normal, hypertrophied, and failing heart / Allen M Samarel and Richard Walsh -- 7: Biology of the vessel wall / Kathy K Griendling, David G Harrison, and R Wayne Alexander -- 8: Molecular development of the heart / Neeru Kaushik, Andy Wessels, Roger R Markwald, and Bradley B Keller-- 9: Genetic basis for cardiovascular disease / Robert Roberts and Elizabeth McNally -- 10: Tissue regeneration of the cardiovascular system and stem cells / Arjun Deb, Helmut Drexler, and Victor Dzau -- Part 3: Evaluation Of The Patient -- 11: Clinical practice guidelines in cardiovascular disease / Ira S Nash -- 12: History, physical examination, and cardiac auscultation / Robert A O'Rourke, James A shaver, and Mark E Silverman -- 13: Resting electrocardiogram / Agustin Castellanos, Alberto Interian Jr, and Robert J Myerburg -- 14: ECG exercise testing / Gregory Engel and Victor F Froelicher -- 15: Cardiac roentgenography / Robert A O'Rourke and Robert C Gilkeson -- 16: Echocardiography / Anthony N DeMaria and Daniel G Blanchard -- 17: Cardiac catheterization, cardiac angiography, and coronary blood flow and pressure measurements / Morton J Kern and Spencer B King III -- 18: Coronary intravascular ultrasound imaging / E Murat Tuzcu, Stephen J Nicholls, and Steven E Nissen -- 19: Nuclear cardiology / Daniel S Berman, Rory Hachamovitch, Leslee J Show, Sean W Hayes, and Guido Germano -- 20: Computed tomography of the heart / Matthew J Budoff, Michael Poon, and Guiseppe Mailolino -- 21: Magnetic resonance imaging of the heart / Han W Kim, Wolfgang G Rehwald, James A White, and Raymond J Kim -- 22: Magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography of the vascular system / Jean-Christophe Cornilly, Valentin Fuster, and Zahi A Fayad -- 23: Positron emission tomography for the noninvasive study and quantitation of myocardial blood flow and metabolism in cardiovascular disease / Heinrich R Schelbert -- Part 4: Heart Failure -- 24: Pathophysiology of heart failure / Gary S Francis, Edward H Sonnenblick, W H Wilson Tang, and Philip Poole-Wilson -- 25: Epidemiology and diagnosis of heart failure / Owais Dar and Martin R Cowie -- 26: Diagnosis and management of heart failure / William T Abraham, Ayesha Hasan, and Philip Poole-Wilson -- 27: Surgical treatment of heart failure, cardiac transplantation, and mechanical ventricular support / Michael X Pham, Jonathan M Chen, Gerald J Berry, Eric A Rose, and John S Schroeder -- Part 5: Cardiomyopathy And Specific Heart Muscle Diseases -- 28: Classification of cardiomyopathies / Barry J Maron and Gaetano Thiene -- 29: Dilated cardiomyopathies / Luisa Mestroni, Edward M Gilbert, Brian D Lowes, and Michael R Bristow -- 30: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy / Steve R Ommen, Rick A Nishimura, and A Jamil Tajik -- 31: Restrictive, obliterative, and infiltrative cardiomyopathies / Brian D Hoit and Sanjaya Gupta -- 32: Myocarditis and specific cardiomyopathies / Sean P Pinney and Donna M Mancini -- Part 6: Rhythm And Conduction Disorders -- 33: Genetics of channelopathies and clinical implications / Silvia G Priori and Carlo Napolitano -- 34: Anatomy of electrophysiology / Siew Yen Ho and Anton E Becker -- 35: Mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias and conduction disturbances / Charles Antzelevitch -- 36: Approach to the patient with cardiac arrhythmias / Eric N Prystowsky and Richard I Fogel -- 37: Atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, and atrial tachycardia / Eric N Prystowsky and Albert L Waldo -- 38: Supraventricular tachycardia: AV nodal reentry and Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome / Hugh Calkins --

39: Ventricular arrhythmias / Robert W Rho and Richard L Page -- 40: Bradyarrhythmias and pacemakers / Pugazhendhi Vijayaraman and Kenneth A Ellenbogen -- 41: Long-term continuous electrocardiographic recording / Eric N Prystowsky and Benzy J Padanilam -- 42: Techniques of electrophysiologic evaluation / Masood Akhtar -- 43: Antiarrhythmic drugs / Peter R Kowey, Gan-Xin Yan, and Harry Crijns -- 44: Treatment of cardiac arrhythmias with catheter-ablative techniques / Usha B Tedrow and William G Stevenson -- 45: Indications and techniques of electrical defibrillation and cardioversion / Richard E Kerber -- 46: Implantable cardioverter defibrillator / Christian Wolpert and Martin Borggrefe -- 47: Pediatric arrhythmias / Ronald J Kanter and Timothy Knilans -- Part 7: Syncope, Sudden Death, And Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation -- 48: Diagnosis and management of syncope / Mark D Carlson and Blair P Grubb -- 49: Sudden cardiac death / Matthew R Reynolds, Duane S Pinto, and Mark E Josephson -- 50: Cardiopulmonary and cardiocerebral resuscitation / Gordon A Ewy -- Part 8: Coronary Heart Disease -- Section 1: Pathophysiology And Prevention Of Coronary Heart Disease -- 51: Preventive strategies for coronary heart disease / David J Maron, Paul M Ridker, Scott M Grundy, and Thomas A Pearson -- 52: Atherothrombosis: role of inflammation / Prediman K Shah, Erling Falk, and Valentin Fuster -- 53: Coronary thrombosis: local and systemic factors / Juan Jose Badimon, Borja Ibanez, Valentin Fuster, and Lina Badimon -- 54: Coronary blood flow and myocardial ischemia / Christophe Depre, Stephen F Vatner, and Garrett J Gross -- 55: Nonatherosclerotic coronary heart disease / Bruce F Waller -- 56: Definitions of acute coronary syndromes / Michael C Kim, Annapoorna S Kini, and Valentin Fuster -- 57: Pathology of myocardial ischemia, infarction, reperfusion, and sudden death / Allen P Burke and Renu Virmani -- 58: Molecular and cellular mechanisms of myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury / Cyril Ruwende, Scott Visovatti, and David J Pinsky -- Section 2: Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis, Evaluation, And Management -- 59: Unstable angina and non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction / Jame A de Lemos and Robert A O'Rourke -- 60: ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction / Eric H Yang, Bernard J Gersh, and Robert A O'Rourke -- 61: Pharmacologic therapy for acute coronary syndromes / Santo Dellegrottaglie, Antony H Gershlick, Massimo Chiariello, and Bernard J Gersh -- 62: Percutaneous coronary intervention / John S Douglas, Jr, and Spencer B King III -- 63: Mechanical interventions in acute myocardial infarction / Bruce R Brodie and William W O'Neill -- 64: Diagnosis and management of patients with chronic ischemic heart disease / Robert A O'Rourke, Patrick T O'Gara, Leslee J Shaw, and John S Douglas, Jr -- 65: Coronary bypass surgery / Joseph F Sabik, 3rd and Bruce W Lytle -- 66: Management of the patient after cardiac surgery / Douglas C Morris, Stephen D Clements, Jr, and John Pepper -- 67: Rehabilitation of the patient with coronary heart disease / Ian Graham, Shirley Ingram, Noeleen Fallon, Tora Leong, John Gormley, Veronica O'Doherty, Vincent Maher, and Suzanne Benson -- Part 9: Systemic Arterial Hypertension -- 68: Epidemiology of hypertension / Thomas G Pickering, and Gbenga Ogedegbe -- 69: Pathophysiology of hypertension / John E Hall, Joey P Granger, Michael E Hall, and Daniel W Jones -- 70: Diagnosis and treatment of hypertension / Arash Rashidi, Mahboob Rahman, and Jackson T Wright, Jr -- Part 10: Cardiopulmonary Disease -- 71: Pulmonary hypertension / Lewis J Rubin -- 72: Pulmonary embolism / Peter F Fedullo -- 73: Chronic Cor Pulmonale / E Clinton Lawrence and Kenneth L Brigham -- Part 11: Valvular Heart Disease -- 74: Acute rheumatic fever / Bongani M Mayosi and Jonathan R Carapetis -- 75: Aortic valve disease / Shahbudin H Rahimtoola -- 76: Mitral valve regurgitation including the mitral valve prolapse syndrome / Robert A O'Rourke and Louis J Dell'Italia -- 77: Mitral valve stenosis / Shahbudin H Rahimtoola -- 78: Tricuspid valve, pulmonary valve, and multivalvular disease / Pravin M Shah -- 79: Prosthetic heart valves: choice of valve and management of the patient / Shahbudin H Rahimtoola, YingXing Wu, Gary L Grunkemeir, and Albert Starr -- 80: Antithrombotic therapy for valvular heart disease / John H McAnulty and Shahbudin H Rahimtoola --

Part 12: Congenital Heart Disease -- 81: Cardiovascular diseases caused by genetic abnormalities / Ali J Marian, Roman Brugada, and Robert Roberts -- 82: Congenital heart disease in children and adolescents / David R Fulton -- 83: Congenital heart disease in adults / Jamil A Aboulhosn and John S Child -- Part 13: Pericardial Diseases And Endocarditis -- 84: Pericardial disease / Brian D Hoit -- 85: Infective endocarditis / Saptarsi M Haldar and Patrick T O'Gara -- Part 14: Anesthesia, Surgery, And The Heart -- 86: Perioperative evaluation and management of patients with known or suspected cardiovascular disease who undergo noncardiac surgery / Debabrata Mukherjee and Kim A Eagle -- 87: Anesthesia and the patient with cardiovascular disease / David L Reich, Alexander Mittnacht, and Joel A Kaplan -- Part 15: Miscellaneous Conditions And Cardiovascular Disease -- 88: Connective tissue diseases and the cardiovascular system / Jose F Roldan, Robert A O'Rourke, and William C Roberts -- 89: Diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases in cancer patients / Edward T H Yeh, Daniel J Lenihan, and Michael S Ewer -- 90: Diabetes and cardiovascular disease / Michael E Farkouh, Elliot J Rayfield, and Valentin Fuster -- 91: Metabolic syndrome, obesity, and diet / Scott M Grundy, Sidney C Smith, Jr -- 92: HIV/AIDS and the cardiovascular system / William Lewis and Peter F Currie -- 93: Effect of noncardiac drugs, electricity, poisons, and radiation on the heart / Andrew L Smith and Wendy M Book -- 94: Adverse cardiovascular drug interactions and complications / Michael D Faulx, Ileana L Pina, and Gary S Francis -- 95: Effects of mood and anxiety disorders on the cardiovascular system / Dominique L Musselman, Monica Kelly Cowles, William M McDonald, and Charles B Nemeroff -- 96: Heart disease and pregnancy / John H McAnulty, Craig S Broberg, and James Metcalfe -- 97: Traumatic heart disease / Panagiotis N Symbas -- 98: Heart and kidney disease / Tahsin Masud and William M McClellan -- 99: Exercise in health and cardiovascular disease / Gerald F Fletcher, Thomas R Flipse, Keith R Oken, and Robert E Safford -- 100: Athlete and the cardiovascular system / N A Mark Estes III, Mark S Link, and Barry J Maron -- 101: Aging and cardiovascular disease in the elderly / Edward G Lakatta, Samer S Najjar, Steven P Schulman, and Gary Gerstenblith -- 102: Women and coronary artery disease / Pamela Charney -- 103: Cardiovascular disease and ethnicity / S Carolina Masri and Anne L Taylor -- 104: Air pollution and heart disease / Robert D Brook, Qinghua Sun, and Sanjay Rajagopalan -- Part 16: Diseases Of The Great Vessels And Peripheral Vessels -- 105: Diseases of the aorta / John A Elefteriades, Jeffrey W Olin, and Jonathan L Halperin -- 106: Cerbrovascular disease and neurologic manifestations of heart disease / Megan C Leary and Louis R Caplan -- 107: Nonsurgical approach to carotid disease / Vivek Rajagopal, Samir R Kapadia, and Jay S Yadav -- 108: Diagnosis and management of diseases of the peripheral arteries and veins / Paul W Wennberg and Thom W Rooke -- 109: Surgical treatment of carotid and peripheral vascular disease / Deepak G Nair and Thomas F Dodson -- 110: Advances in the minimally invasive treatment of peripheral vascular disease / Joaquin Solis, Anjan Gupta, and Tanvir K Bajwa -- Part 17: Social Issues And Cardiovascular Disease -- 111: Cost-effective strategies in cardiology / William S Weintraub and Harlan M Krumholz -- 112: Insurance issues in patients with heart disease / Michael B Clark and William T Friedewald -- 113: Behavioral cardiology treatment approaches to heart disease / Nina Rieckmann, Karina W Davidson, Lynn Clemow, Daichi Shiambo, and Thomas G Pickering -- 114: Complementary and alternative medical therapy in cardiovascular care / Mitchell W Krucoff, Rebecca Costello, Daniel Mark, and John H K Vogel -- 115: Social and societal issues of heart disease / Robert De Vogli and Michael Marmot -- Index.
From the Publisher: Along with a strong focus on patient care the new Hurst's The Heart includes a new look and organization. Each chapter has been systematically overhauled with an emphasis on streamlining the content for a focused presentation of the LATEST THERAPEUTIC STRATEGIES and the EVIDENCE-BASED DATA that support them. CLINICAL GUIDELINES are included to equip you with the critical information for optimal patient care in an increasingly time-pressured, cost/benefit environment. The major changes that await you in the tenth edition of The Heart start with the dynamic new author team. Led by Valentin Fuster, Wayne Alexander and Robert A. O'Rourke, the editors have assembled an international group of thought leaders in cardiology who are distinguished not only by their academic prowess, but also by their clinical expertise. They know the latest treatment approaches because they practice them daily and document them here for you with precision. The New 12th Edition of Hurst's The Heart is dramatically revised, and uniquely focused on the evolving demands of your daily practice: WHAT'S NEW in the Twelveth Edition; Expanded coverage of molecular biology of blood vessels and myocardium; More information on testing modalities-especially those related to nuclear myocardial perfusion imaging, MRI and PET; New emphasis on managing heart failure, including interventional techniques and new drug therapy strategies; Additional chapters on the biology of coronary heart disease; Expanded sections related to prevention, diagnosis and treatment; More emphasis on integrating the science of cardiac care with treatment; Easy-to-reference, evidence-based practice guidelines where appropriate; New insight on the human genome project and its implications; Techniques for clinical evaluation of the patient; Late-breaking reports on clinical trials; Heart disease in diabetics; New sections on nonsurgical interventions in cardial and peripheral vascular disease.
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