Planning for climate change : a reader in green infrastructure and sustainable design for resilient cities / edited by Elisabeth M. Hamin Infield, Yaser Abunnasr, and Robert L. Ryan.
Hamin, Elisabeth M., 1961-

Planning for climate change : a reader in green infrastructure and sustainable design for resilient cities / edited by Elisabeth M. Hamin Infield, Yaser Abunnasr, and Robert L. Ryan.

New York, NY : Routledge, 2019.


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Includes bibliographical references and index.

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"This book provides an overview of the large and interdisciplinary literature on the substance and process of urban climate change planning and design, using the most important articles from the last 15 years to engage readers in understanding problems and finding solutions to this increasingly critical issue. The Reader's particular focus is how the impacts of climate change can be addressed in urban and suburban environments - what actions can be taken, as well as the need for and the process of climate planning. Both reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as adapting to future climate are explored. Many of the emerging best practices in this field involve improving the green infrastructure of the city and region - providing better on-site stormwater management, more urban greening to address excess heat, zoning for regional patterns of open space and public transportation corridors, and similar actions. These actions may also improve current public health and livability in cities, bringing benefits now and into the future. This reader is innovative in bringing climate adaptation and green infrastructure together, encouraging a more hopeful perspective on the great challenge of climate change by exploring both the problems of climate change and local solutions"-- Provided by publisher.

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Hamin, Elisabeth M., 1961-
Abunnasr, Yaser
Ryan, Robert L.


Sustainable urban development.
City planning.
Sustainable design.
Climatic changes.
Carbon dioxide -- Environmental aspects.

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